Most Effective Core Strength Exercises

I am sure you’ve seen the Rocky Movies and the core strength exercises he was doing. Well the set of exercises in this article are going to go in a lot of various directions. They will not be as awesome as hanging from the rafters in an old barn but they will be more effective. Core exercises for men don’t have to look flashy to do the job.

But prior to getting into the different core strength exercises, I think it is essential to understand what core strength is and how your abs function. Ask 10 different people what the very best core strength exercises are and you will probably get 10 different answers. Everyone appears to have a different concept when it comes to training abs.

I’m certain you’ve heard all of the various answers.

Powerlifters just take a look at you and laugh whenever you mention the word core work. Their response, just stick with heavy squats and deadlifts.

Functional training was the craze for awhile and those guys scoffed at any ab exercise that had you lying on the ground. They said it is impossible to do core strength exercises on the ground simply because that’s not how we move in our every day lives.

The old-school lifters and bodybuilders will tell you to stick with situps and hanging leg raises, after all that worked for Rocky.

When preaching about core exercises the initial thing that comes to numerous people’s minds are flexion exercises like situps and crunches, the typical 6 pack exercises. But there is much more to your core then a set of great abs.

An effective core strengthening routine does not just target abdomen development, but also looks at the oblique exercises and back. These muscles all work together to create a strong midsection and your core strength exercises have to take that into account.

Contrary to what numerous people believe core strength isn’t measured by how many situps or crunches you are able to do. Core strength is the capability of your midsection to resist motion. Utilizing such a definition has a major impact on what exercises are essential to strengthen your core.

The list of muscles that make up your core is somewhat arbitrary and different fitness experts think about various muscles. Probably the most broad term consists of the muscles that run the length of the trunk and torso; and when they contract they stabilize the spine, pelvis, and shoulder girdle to produce a solid base of support. That strong base of support allows us to generate powerful movements with our legs and arms. Like Rocky throwing his knockout punches.

Core Strength Exercises

There lots of various core exercises for men and women to strengthen their midsection, but I am going to limit the list to what I believe to be the very best core exercise. Because this exercise is so difficult, I will list a couple of core muscle exercises which will allow you to strengthen your abdominal area and progress in exercise difficulty.

Ab Wheel Roll Outs For Strong Core Muscles

This may be the best you ever invest. An ab wheel is an expense but possibly the most effective ab training device there is. This simple piece of equipment has been around for a minimum of 50 years, and in that time there has been little if any changes. Hands down this has to be on the top of the list when it comes to core strength exercises.

Ab wheel roll outs are very challenging and will not be the place you would like to begin. I will list the progression of core strengthening exercises for you to go through which will permit you to progress to the roll out.

Core Strength Exercise Progression One:

Front Plank Core Exercises

The Front plank, occasionally referred to as the front pillar is an outstanding place to start your progression. The front plank is a static contraction core exercise that places a great deal of stress on the muscles of your midsection, specifically the abdominal and hip flexors.

It is a straightforward, yet effective core strength exercise. The most fundamental plank version is really a straight arm plank. Essentially this exercise is a static hold within the top of a push-up position. For added feedback and to ensure proper alignment you are able to use a wooden dowel. The dowel needs to remain in contact with your head shoulder blades and tailbone at all times. If it rolls off or wobbles you will lost your ideal alignment.

Once you can hold this for 30 seconds, progress to the next level. To improve difficulty merely move from your hands to your elbows and hold that position on the floor. Once more when you can maintain a perfect elbow plank for 30 seconds move to the next step.

As with any exercise the plank too has progressions and variations.

Some choices are listed below:

* lift one foot about a foot off the floor until you are able to hold it, or you can alternate from leg to leg.

* hold one arm straight out, until you are able to hold it , or you can alternate from arm to arm.

* support your self on one foot and one hand.

* you can also elevate your feet, on a ball, on a box, in blast straps, anything will do.

* another challenging version would be to place your feet on the wall and slowly march.

Side Plank Core Exercises

To target the obliques much more be sure to do side plank variations too. Try them both static and dynamic.

All of these plank variations improve the difficulty and add variation to the exercise giving you much more core strength exercises to select from.

The objective of the plank exercise would be to maintain an ideal posture for two minutes. Once you are able to hold the basic elbows on the floor plank position for that time, move on to the next progression.

Core Strength Exercise Progression Two:

Stability Ball Rollout Core Exercises

A stability ball is a lot like a wheel, but a lot larger making the exercise simpler. To change the difficulty of this exercise decrease the size of the ball. The smaller the ball the more challenging the roll out becomes.

Using a Swiss ball to work your core consists of much more lat activation then a static plank.

Swiss Ball Rollout Core Exercises

Kneel in front of the ball with your hands in the center of the ball. With arms extended roll out as far as you can with ideal form. Pause for a full second then return to the begin position.

The objective of this exercise is the exact same as the plank, maintain a neutral spine throughout the movement.

As I mentioned before, to increase the difficulty of this exercise your head is going to get closer and closer towards the ground. Stability balls only get so little so the next progression down could be to do the barbell roll out. Ideally you would have bumper plates to make certain the bar is as high as feasible off the ground without having to add a 45 pound plate to the bar.

Core Strength Exercise Progression Three:

Ab Wheel Roll Out Core Exercises

This is a very challenging core exercise so be certain you go through the progressions listed above before you tackle this movement.

The execution of the ab wheel roll out is comparable to a stability ball roll.

* Start by tucking your hips underneath you to flatten out your back.

* Squeeze your abs to ensure editing is held in location

* Now that you’re nice and tight merely extend your body by rolling out.

* Now return to the starting position.

That’s all there’s to it. You’ve just completed one of the very best core strength exercises.

If you are unable to maintain a flat back, even the slightest arch is unacceptable, you’ve progressed to quickly, you need to take it a step back.

The ab wheel progression would look like this:

from your knees.

roll up an incline.

and finally, from your feet.


As you are able to see having strong abs and midsection is not about how much weight you are able to move and core strength exercises don’t have to involve movement. A strong core is able to resist motion. The goal of core stability would be to maintain a solid, foundation and transfer energy from the center of the body out to the limbs. Have a healthy diet, the ability to do ab wheel roll outs and you’ll have fantastic searching abs. Endless amounts of situps and crunches are not required nor are they recommend. I have outlined three core strength exercises and progressions for each one.

Be sure to begin with planks and experiment with all of the various variations. Only after you have become proficient with planks is it time to move to the stability ball roll out. Once more make certain that these are mastered before thinking about moving on to the king of core strength exercises.

Ab wheel roll outs are by far the most difficult core movement there is, so be certain to take it slow and progress wisely.

Incorporate these core strength exercises into your workout program and you’ll be well on your way to having fantastic abs.

Core strength exercises:

1. The Plank
2. The Ball Roll Out
3. The Ab Wheel Roll Out


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